The AnteChamber

Visionary Round Table

Visionary, Deep Seeker, Legacy Forger….

The Sovereign who is here to build realms.

The innovator and disruptor that will have global impact…

We beckon you to your next level of creative capacity.

You are invited to a meeting in the secret halls of The Core.

a new multidimensional experience for the visionary who desires their own blueprint to be their navigational beacon towards their highest destiny to impact millions of people in their wake, spanning generations.

Join Lauren Zavlunov, Founder of The Black Diamond Process, and Tor Seppola, Founder of The Legacy Forge, for a metaphysical conversation and deep connection experience.

During this round table session we are going to:


    • Delve into the realm of high energetics, realm building, business, and conscious creation to forge your impact


    • Reveal  your greater purpose and precise expansion portals for your Personal Legacy


    • Have personalized channeling to collapse time so that you can reach your visionary goals faster and with greater potency and command


    • Discard limitations and have you tap into your limitless potential in any project you are building


    • Have a metaphysical eye on your projects and your frequency, resulting in a personalized  roadmap for you to build in multiple dimensions


If you have a deep commitment to your personal and professional evolution and its impact on the world at large…

This experience might change everything for you

It begins with you simply being here, taking the first step towards the gates, where we can see if this experience might be for you. 

The Antechamber

is a highly potent round table for the visionary disruptor ready to build their legacy connected to their deepest purpose and highest self mastery.

in these halls…

We are not just talking about your legacy when you die-
We are visionaries, futurescaping with you and for generations to come.

We are here to help you forge your legacy, remove limiters to your sovereign expansion, and help you create what has never been created before.

What you say and do will be used for you.

Apply to The Antechamber

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This is an invite-only experience. Please fill out this application in as much detail as possible.

Once we review your application and feel you are a good fit to participate, you’ll receive a link with further instructions.

The total investment for this transformational experience is €77

Spots are limited