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Mystery School

Welcome to the Maji Mystery School of Wisdom and Embodiment

Where Life, Science, Alchemy, and Magic; Merge with the Deeper Understanding of who we are and how we actually work in context to everything and our true destiny here on earth; sparked into alignment through rites of passage like the ancient ones did, and have passed over to us Now, in this great time of the awakening, with the resurrection of our inner sun. 

You will be guided to embody Your eternal spirit and be the cause point of Your Reality.

Shamanic Offers

Pick something that resonates with you in this moment of NOW

The Maji Mystery School offers one free “Spiritual Cartography” session where we discover together if this is meant for you and where to go next.

You can see a selection of what you can experience below.

Multidimensional Atlas Alignment

Get an alignment of your Destiny Star

Energetic Healing

More info coming soon, but info will never beat the experience, and this is one of those types of things.

Reading with the Norns

This is a traditional ancient way of reading your energy fields.

Dragon Meditation

Have you ever wanted to know what it means to work with the dragon energies? What a dragon is, and how it works?

This is a guided meditation to connect with your dragon.

Emerald Healing Chamber of Earth Mother

A guided healing journey of love (with psychic surgery, if needed).

Divine Sovereignty Declaration

Oversoul Encryption

This is a star-core quantum soul retrieval on a multidimensional level.

Important: This is required for entering Mystery School Level 1.

Autographic Soulprint

Transcendental Art Therapy

A Visionary of the Stars and Earth

Maji Solem Alfarian is a luminary in the realm of transformative experiences, weaving the wisdom of ancient shamanic lineages with the profound insights of contemporary consciousness exploration. A seasoned navigator of the subtle realms, Maji stands as a beacon for those seeking to reclaim their innate power and align with their highest destiny. His profound connection to the White Reindeer shamanic traditions and the higher forces of the Maji is palpable in his work. With a heart anchored in the enchanted realms of the North and a spirit that soars on the backs of celestial dragons, he guides souls through the depths of their inner universes to encounter the extraordinary.

Maji’s approach is both grounded and transcendent, a fusion of biomagic, DNA activation, and natural, holistic practices that catalyze a release of one’s full potential. His sessions are not mere consultations; they are deep ceremonial journeys into the core of one’s being, facilitated by an ancestor-acknowledged guide whose insights are rivaled only by the clarity of the stars. His shamanic sight, honed over years of dialogue with guiding spirits and cosmic intelligence, offers a rare opportunity to engage with the eternal spirit, decipher the quantum entanglements of existence, and partake in the grand unfolding of humanity’s destiny.

Booking a session with Maji Solem Alfarian is an invitation to embark on an epic quest of self-discovery and soul evolution, where the magic of the old world meets the possibilities of the new, and where each individual’s journey is honored as a sacred dance with the universe.

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