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RAGNAROK isn’t just another program; it’s an exclusive mastermind experience designed for those who stand at the precipice of greatness. If you’re already making significant strides and are seeking the ultimate edge to further your legacy, then RAGNAROK is your next epic chapter.


A Few Topics We’ll Dive Into:

    • Elevate Your Triumph:

      Like a warrior, rise higher and discover the hidden depths of your potential, month after month.


    • The Gathering of Sagas:

      Merge the wisdom of the past with cutting-edge mastery techniques, forging an unbreakable path to personal evolution.


    • Unleash Your Inner Legend:

      Harness powerful practices encompassing meditation, energy manipulation, quantum transcendence, and conscious manifestation to amplify your limitless personal power consistently.


    • The Fellowship of Legacy Forgers:

      Enter a league of exceptional individuals from around the globe, all united on their unique journey towards mastery, providing the support, connectivity, and collective elevation that you crave.


  • Masters of Destiny:

    Participate in live mastermind sessions, receive expert guidance, share your victories, and accelerate your ascent to the apex of success, month after month.

A Limited Bonus

By being in RAGNAROK at this stage of development, your name is automagically carved into a future boulder outside one of the Valhalla Healing Centers around the world.

The names carved in those stones are proud owners of a rune key that allows them full access to the inner sanctum of The Legacy Forge, only accessible by Legacy Forgers who are impacting the world in a massive and positive way. 

In time, this will be a very small band of adventurers who are actively playing the game of life to the fullest of their imagination.

The Tribe Experience

Several times per year, around the world, we host and coordinate TTX – the transformational event that only grows in epicness with each and every iteration. Being part of RAGNAROK gives you exclusive member discounts and perks, all depending on which tier of TTX you take part in.

What You’ll Achieve:

Through your membership in RAGNAROK, you will:

    • Unearth Your Boundless Potential:

      Continuously tap into your untapped reserves to live a life of perpetual abundance, profound purpose, and eternal fulfillment.


    • Transcend Your Awareness:

      Elevate your consciousness, attune to higher frequencies of belief in yourself and our shared existence, and align with boundless states of awareness, and perhaps along the way – enlightenment.


    • Craft Your Everlasting Legacy:

      Learn the art of leaving an indelible mark on the world by integrating your actions with your unique legacy, perpetually.


    • Fearless Dominion:

      Break the chains of self-imposed limitation, cast aside fear, and stride into a life of dauntless authenticity and unrestrained courage, persistently.


  • Leadership Forged in Love:

    Cultivate deep self-compassion and profound empathy, becoming a magnanimous leader who uplifts and inspires others, without end.



RAGNAROK is a continual, monthly mastermind experience tailored to ensure you keep ascending.

Digital Portal

Your gateway to knowledge, live sessions, and an unwavering community through our intuitively designed online platform, which we are building with you and for you.

Live Mastery

Engage in live mastermind sessions, Q&A interactions, and immersive experiences to connect and learn in real-time, both online and offline.

This exclusive mastermind is curated for those who resonate with The Legacy Forge’s core values and stand poised on the cusp of mastery. If you’re already tasting the fruits of success and yearn for that next, transcendent edge, RAGNAROK beckons to elevate you further on your journey.

Don’t overlook this chance to discreetly communicate with prosperous souls ready to evolve to the next level.

Join RAGNAROK and unlock the path to true mastery!