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What’s Inside?

As Legacy Forgers, we rise against injustice

Seeing that plant medicine has been a huge part of human development for as long as there have been humans, we’ve taken the lead in educating as many as possible about the very important information that systems of different kinds have tried to hide.

Through our network and partnerships, we have been creating resources and communities on this topic for years, and have a lot to share with those seeking answers, knowledge, and next level experiences.

You’ll get (way more than this puny list)

  • The Liberty Cap Field Guide.
    English, and Norwegian eBook.
  • Exclusive Access to our “Secret” Community of Psychonauts and Experienced Travelers.
  • Invitations to ceremonies.
  • Integration and Follow-Up.
  • A video course based on the Liberty Cap Field Guide.
  • Ongoing news and events about our work within plant medicine therapy and mental health innovation.
  • And more as time goes by.

Prices are Subject to Change as this program grows, but you will never pay more than what you pay upon enrollment.

If you want to support our work, but can’t afford to do so by enrolling in this program, we appreciate all forms of currency, from helping out inside The Legacy Forge, to Crypto, to favors, and everything in between.