Maji Mystery School

The Living Art and Science of Magic

Level 1 – Apprenticeship; Know Thyself


Welcome to the Maji Mystery School of Wisdom and Embodiment.

Where Life, Science, Alchemy, and Magic; Merge with the Deeper Understanding of who we are and how we actually work in context to everything and our true destiny here on earth; sparked into alignment through rites of passage like the ancient ones did, and have passed over to us Now, in this great time of the awakening, with the resurrection of our inner sun. 

You will be guided to embody Your eternal spirit and be the cause point of Your Reality.

Level 1 – Practical Magic and Shamanism

12 Dragon Apprenticeship Full Rights and Initiation

1 Year Certification Program

The Life-Changing Year

A one-year training in the field of practicing the living art and science of magic

Rooted in deep initiated shamanism, on a bloodline level here in our network and in the elder Temple.

Immerse yourself in the practical art of magic and shamanism on a multidimensional level grounded in strong bodies with pure hearts. 

Rooted in the northern shamanic alchemical traditions; gain the skill that empowers you to embody and share your gifts, and become inspired to guide others to their own destiny of self-healing and awakening.


First year is the First Spiral of Creation – It all starts Within

It’s all about knowing Thy Self to the next level of initiation

  • Astro Psychological Reading of Your Personal Templates
    First phase, first cosmic law, 1 of 12
    The nerves, the emotion, and the mind 1,2,3 dimensional DNA strains of your organic original 12 dimensional morphogenetic template

Phase 2-12 includes

  • Morphogenetic Anatomy (energy), nerve functions, and rituals of Practical earth magic, elemental alchemy herbs and potions, rites of passage in nature as Shamans of Body Wisdom
  • Our innate intuitive magic, The fey and nature spirits, and how they operate and communicate with us
  • Grid work-ley lines- sacred sites. Crystal technology
  • Quantum mechanics all the way to the mitochondria on a cell level to the central suns
  • Breath work, throat singing, chi gong rune body movements, detox program. Clearing the body
  • Grail magic meditation
  • Occult science and history
  • Basic Psychic Defense and Energetic Hygiene
  • Guided ceremony with ancient Alchemical Shamanic principles
  • Mastering listening to the Magic of the Heart
  • Mastering the power of the Ancient Future Existence, Now – in no time, the Power of Now, and understanding; “NOW what?”
  • … And more

    12 phases over 12 months

    12 planets, 12 DNA strain, and 12 shamanic initiations and integration. 

    All part of the original technology we have inside To be unlocked, where you will start working with your own eternal spirit As a strong sovereign being here on earth, learning the ways of being your own signature frequency of light and what that really means.

    Mentorship Through One-to-One Sessions

    Our paths are rooted in our respect for traditions and rites of passages. This means that we honor the ancient way of guiding others; sharing space – one- to-one in time-honored mentorship traditions.

    A journey between you and the higher force itself. Knowing something is not enough. You need the experience. YOUR personally lived, hard-earned experience, and the gifts of wisdom that come with it.

    The Rites of Passage have to be earned… Through Alchemical rites of passage, just like the ancient ones did. These are the Nordic traditions we are passing down, as our ancestors did to us.

    It takes courage to summon the divine Wil forcel, – to ignite and spark into action an answer to the Calling.

    The Journey of Initiation is a Journey to the Very Core of Your Being

    Answering the call of true initiation is a heroic journey to the core of our being. This journey is about facing your innermost challenges to emerge stronger and more enlightened, like the caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly. This transformation is our most profound journey, leading to a new understanding of ourselves and our place in the Universe.


    NOTE: These are per SESSION results. The results from going through the Maji Mystery School go way beyond what’s listed here.

    • Increased Focus and Clarity, feeling at home and belonging in yourself
    • A sense of Lightness, yet being Grounded and Strong
    • Clearer Purpose of Life
    • Ancient future memories, codes, and powers will return, allowing for a deeper understanding within your Being
    • Easier comprehension of Advanced Reality Equations, with true light codes interwoven into our DNA, acting as keys to open Earth- and Body Technology, and the magical realms of Earth on a Multidimensional Level, as we anchor the higher dimensional aspects of ourselves into 3D Reality, so that we’re able to create an aligned future
    • Concepts that were once hard to grasp, and in the context of Magic – suddenly flow naturally and easily with the proper foundation and understanding

    What to Expect

    Expectations create limitations of the unlimited point of view, as you will learn to be the neutral observer of your reality. Since we are working with the eternal state of existence and everyone is unique, it cannot be defined. It must be experienced and lived. Only then will the understanding ground itself, grown from within; in alignment with the higher force, uniquely for your soul’s evolution in human form as the unique being that we all are. 

    This means that while we can guide you, your journey is uniquely yours, just like every explorer’s path through a forest or up a mountain is different.

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    Experience what we’re talking about, and explore your new reality


    You can choose either one single session, or embark on the one-year journey of Initiation – Level 1, in the Maji Mystery School



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    1 Session – €693

    LEVEL 1 INITIATION (1 Year Program)

    €693/m or €6930 for the full year

    Tales of the Jedi

    A True Story

    About The founder of Maji mystery school and his initiation to get this position.

    Maji speaks,

    This way of initiation is the way of the ancient ones in my personal experience.

    Years ago, I met with the guardian light elves,
    The Tuatha grail kings and Queens,

    And my dragon, way before I knew and remembered why I was or what is going on, I was living a life where a dragon was teaching me about stuff I could never make up or imagine out of the blue, and the things that happened during those years was undeniable for me and others around me at the time, I just told my friends: “Hey we need to go this way! My dragon said so”, and it took us to amazing sacred places in the right alignment.

    My dragon taught me how to work with the technology of the ancient future human blueprint of higher dimensional realms.

    Aliens and ancestors showing up, giving me lessons and questions. Riddles and mysteries carved over my life as I hear a thunder thundering through my soul to innerstand my eternal spirit is at hand in the heart.

    From the Start

    I had some strange personal shamanic encounters throughout my childhood with roots in Greece, Bali, Fiji (Pacific Ocean), and Norway. Then I met the African tribes and their ways of initiation, and I moved over to North America, then south. 

    I met shamans and had initiations all the way. Then when I was ready, I had a year-long journey in the Himalayas studying with the Bon shamanic tradition and had guidance with ascended masters and a golden dragon rite of passage to the diamond sun within, then I moved back home to Norway and got my Nordic heritage and ancestral connection reinstalled. And the four dragon tribes of humanity original lineage of magic and reality functions. First, I got this initiation from shamanic rites of passages with the light elves.

    Ayani ascended masters, my Dragon and her kind, ancestors, and the higher force that led me to the right teachers here in Midgard who held the lineage intact of my shamanic ancestral heritage of ritual magic, in the same lineage that I was already initiated into by the white dragon. 

    Learning that I am blood Line shaman led me to embodiment and learning occult history with the teachings put into the right context, the reinstallation of the higher dimensional avatar template on a DNA blood code level and what that means. In coherence with the morphogenetic 12-15 dimensional heritage of earth. In alignment with the halls of Amenti within the heart sun and the central sun in the core of the earth.

    12 tribes become 4

    4 dragons:

    White dragon of the north,

    Black dragon of the south,

    Red dragon of the west,

    Yellow dragon of the east.

    The ancient wisdom councils and the dragon riders are very much real here in context to my ancestors who I have clear communication with and we are all working together. They are giving me protocol teaching to teach you how to access your eternal spirit and the higher realms yourself in your own time. It does not matter where you are on the path as long as you are on it. We are the eternal students of creation itself like we have been for millions of years into the ancient future which is all now.

    Maji Solemn.

    Maji Grail Shaman

    The ancient “Lost Arthurian Maji Grail King” lineage is alive and well today, scattered throughout the globe as the Indigo Children Types 1 and 2. The contemporary Indigo Children Types 1 and 2 carry dormant within their cellular memory the reincarnational heritage of the Arthurian Grail Kings ancestry.

    Within their DNA Templates, they carry the Universal Fire Letter Sequences of the Flame-keeper who have from 24-48 Strand DNA Templates, are the contemporary incarnations of the Consummate Signet Councils and Regency Signet Councils of the Rainbow Round Tables (Angelic Human Universal Star Gate Security Councils of 798,000BC).

    They began returning into full incarnation about 100 years ago in preparation for the scheduled (Star Gate opening cycle).