Black Diamond

Forging an Experience


Lauren and Tor crossed paths through Quantum Moguls, where community and legacy creation stands at the core.

By forging a partnership, The Legacy Forge would aid Black Diamond in systems and community, and Black Diamond would introduce EPIC creators who are on a mission to create a Legacy.



Keeping the mystery is important, as it adds to the overall experience of those who find their way into these Universes. By adding elements of ethereal wisdom and practical value at each step of the journey, the traveler will feel seen and heard in a way that is not available en masse yet. This is where we stand firm as a lighthouse, ready to guide and support those looking for hope in a hopeless world.

It’s time to Forge a Legacy.

Project: Phase 1

We begin by collecting all necessary data from Lauren, interviewing her about her preferred style and value, and then organizing the data for transfer into the new Universe.