Ragnarok is Upon Us
published 30/05/2024

In Norse Mythology, the gods went to war against the Jotnar and the underworld. Everyone died, and the winter was beyond harsh. But after the darkness, the daughter of the eaten sun began shining on a brand new cycle of the world. And thus, the game started anew.

Why Ragnarok is relevant in The Legacy Forge

In personal, professional, and spiritual development, there are cycles. Cycles of awareness and chapters of life. Just like the end of an era back in ancient times, so too can we have eras in our life experiences.

We learn something new, do something different, get different results, and walk down new paths based on those results.

RAGNAROK is for those who are ready to change that path. Those who have been actively walking a path for years, and now know that they have to do something in order to reach that which they desire.

A New chapter. It requires that extra “oomph”.

how does Ragnarok work?

It works similarly to so many other things; by expanding awareness in the areas where we can’t see, or haven’t seen enough to trust our next move fully.

It’s quite simple.

By meeting people on the same evolutionary path, you hear the truth of their stories. The experience that got them to where they are, which makes you “remember” what you have to do next for yourself on your journey. It’s not about being told what to do, or study something in order to understand. It’s about being you so fully that the words and insights you need will stand out like Tor in a hair salon. (He’s bald, so… Ha ha)

Taking part in experiences, travels, adventures, group sessions, conversations, or ceremonies – they all play their part in leading you to that clarity and/or insight.

Back in the day, stories were told by the fire.

That is what we’re bringing back. The quality of the minds around the fire dictates the results that will come from it. It makes it pretty logical and easy, then, to put together a group of individuals who all benefit and complement each other.

If you know enough people, you start to see how some might change the life of another.

That’s what Ragnarok is. Because when you put individuals together intentionally, aiming to transform their life and elevate their frequency, you’ve changed the world a little.

Is this free?


We have been giving out everything we have for so many years, testing, trying, experimenting, and developing, that now Tor can finally stand behind the transformational nature of this season.

The investment is €5.000 per person, and allows access to everything in Ragnarok during the season. You’ll still have lifetime access to the online portal, and you’ll still be in the community with FML2 Access, but if you want to attend any Season-Specific events and experiences beyond what your Season Pass includes, you’ll need a Season Pass for that season.

Can you be more specific?

  • 1x RAGNAROK Season Pass grants access to any and all FML2 events and experiences during the season for the year.
  • You get lifetime access to the online portal and FML2 Access in Tribe.
  • You get priority support and everything relevant to that pass during that year’s Season.
  • Some benefits will carry over, but these things will be described on your pass.
  • Passes are specific to one person at a time, although you can do what you want with the pass once it’s yours, if you want to gift it or sell it to other people.
  • You’ll get private invites to gatherings, both offline and online.

I hope this clarifies what RAGNAROK is. If you have questions, you can always reach out to us in the Discord server, or through Support.

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