Jan Seppola

A Journey towards Self Love

The SAGA of Jan

Day 1:

“I don’t love myself, and it’s about time to change that. Actually, that changed yesterday…”

Day 2:

“I have hope. There is a future, and I am heading towards it.”

Day 3:

“I am doing a lot better. I’ve meditated and I love my own company! I want to be with my family. I have a son, and I want to be with him!”

Day 4:

“Had a good talk with Camilla. I am angry, though, and unnormally so. Something is wrong, and I just want an answer for it. I am worried about the war, and I need an action plan. “

From Tor:

Emotions – “good” and “bad” – are human superpowers. With practice and consistency, they will become manageable and clear. You have quite a journey to look forward to, brother <3

Day 5:

*whispers* “Trying not to wake up the fam. Not too much to say”