Raising Frequencies

The Frequency of Belief in Yourself

Our philosophy is based on generating and maintaining a specific emotional state – or energy – which we lovingly call “Ehsalese”. It enables Legacy Forgers to navigate the valleys, challenges, and opportunities they are presented with in life.

When you feel limitless, you become limitless.

Education Beyond School

The Legacy Forge is the home for Seekers of Truth and Adventurers of Life, all teaching their experience, insights, and wisdom to support the generations to come in living a life of Freedom and Fulfillment.

The Tribe Experience

A Symphony of Transformation

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Learn how to tune into your frequency and turn life into a limitless adventure

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Are you tuned into the Frequency of Belief in Yourself?


Life can be whatever we want it to be, and it all starts with your frequency. Energy attracts more of the same, so what energy are you attracting into your life and what are you doing with what is presented?

In this Masterclass, we will cover stories, concepts, and experience that will teach you exactly what you’re capable of, and how to use it to Forge Your Legacy so that you can live a life in mental, emotional and spiritual balance, feeling fulfilled and happy about who and what you are, and impact the world around you with your unique magic.

What is possible with this knowledge?


With simple concepts, you’ll see how people who were faced with impossible odds were able to defeat them. How they could rise from “rock-bottom”, and create a life more free than most can imagine.

What topics will we cover?


Where many would put Mental Health, Plant Medicine, Energy Awareness/Navigation – and more – as separate topics and concepts, we will share our thoughts and experiences about how they are one and the same. And it all leads to one common thread that we can’t wait to share with you.

Your Host

Greetings, I’m Tor.

Beyond my role as a personal and professional development coach, I am a passionate facilitator of profound self-discovery journeys. My belief in the transformative essence of plant medicines isn’t just theoretical; it’s deeply personal. These sacred tools have been pivotal in my own saga towards self-realization and healing.

My dream? To establish a center dedicated to human evolution, where psychoactive mushroom therapy stands as a beacon for personal growth and emotional rejuvenation. With an unwavering commitment to safety and integrity, I envision spaces where individuals can fearlessly explore the therapeutic wonders of plant medicines.

The Tribe Experience isn’t just an event; it’s a testament to this vision. It’s a call to every participant to not just experience but to transcend. To not just dream but to actualize. To not just live but to thrive in unparalleled freedom.

This isn’t just about an event; it’s about forging legacies. It’s about crafting a life where you dictate the terms, where freedom isn’t a luxury but a lived reality.

Join me, and let’s embark on this transformative odyssey together. Let’s Forge Legacies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is The Tribe Experience?

The Tribe Experience is a meticulously crafted odyssey designed for profound self-discovery and transformation.

It’s a journey that beckons the soul, inviting participants to dive deep into self-awareness, personal growth, and through Tribe -Community.

What differentiates the various journeys in The Legacy Forge?

We offer three distinct journeys: Essence Anvil, Ember Forge, and Exalted Hammer.

Each path provides a unique set of offerings, from group sessions and foundational teachings to bespoke journeys and real-life adventures.

The essence of the experience remains consistent across all paths, with variations in exclusivity and personalization.

How is plant medicine associated?

While our founder, Tor, deeply believes in the transformative power of plant medicines, The Tribe Experience focuses on self-discovery and personal growth through various methods and teachings.

Any inclusion of plant medicines in experiences is to raise awareness and provide harm-reducing education about ancient and often misunderstood medicine.

And how YOU are directly impacted by this.

Who is this experience for?

The Tribe Experience is for anyone seeking personal growth, transformation, and a deeper connection to themselves.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your self-discovery journey or looking to deepen your understanding, this experience offers something for everyone.

What is Ehsalese?

Ehsalese is a unique philosophy introduced during The Tribe Experience.

It transcends traditional labels, serving as a tool to instill an unshakeable belief within oneself.

Through Ehsalese, participants unlock a reservoir of aligned energy, enabling profound personal growth.

Is there any post-experience support or community?

Absolutely! We believe that transformation is an ongoing journey.

Anyone has the opportunity to become part of Tribe, gaining access to a supportive community of fellow Legacy Forgers.

We also offer resources and support at all stages to ensure continued growth and support.

What's the refund policy on any paid programs?

There are none.

We encourage participants to fully commit to the experience, as it’s designed for profound transformation and growth.

Disclaimer: The content and offerings of The Tribe Experience are intended for personal growth, self-discovery, and transformative experiences. They are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or mental health concern. Participation on any platform and any medium of The Tribe Experience is voluntary, and participants assume all risks associated with their involvement, both in terms of new ways of thinking and the consequences of forging a legacy.

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