The Core

a premium mastermind experience for
the Legacy Forger

Where the Visionary Returns to Center

At the center of everything true and powerful – is a core.

Where the raw materials are heated to their ultimate power and reveal molten potential ready to be forged into the destiny you are here to create on this planet.

Welcome to The Core, an elite mastermind experience and premium expansion space for the high-level legacy forger hosted by Tor Seppola and Lauren Zavlunov.

This is an inner sanctum for those who are successfully crafting their vision, but desire the highest support, depth and conversation that will support their legacy visions and accelerate them into the now.  

If you have been alone in your search for rapid expansion, conscious creation, visionary amplification and goal acceleration, this is for you.

If you are a visionary that desires:

  • Deeper conscious conversation that will expand your legacy vision and accelerate your multidimensional goals.

  • A confidential space where your work is honored, supported, and expanded through an aligned soul community.

  • Access to an intimate network of influence, conscious business, and innovation.

  • High-level support in masterfully building, maintaining, and amplifying legendary goals your way, beyond the “rules” of the ordinary.

  • A round table of warriors, noble creators, and divinely led visionary builders that will expand your vision and abilities into exciting new territory.

Apply through
The Antechamber
and become a founding member

This is a three month experience for the highly committed, sovereign, and successful creator to invite rapid expansion into your experience.

What Awaits You Inside:

  • A confidential community space for powerful connection, way beyond the norm.

  • Premium support from the leading minds in consciousness, multidimensional creation, and Legacy Forging.

  • A monthly live mastermind call so that your visions are elevated, supported and your legacy can grow faster.

  • Access to a growing vault of advanced trainings on energetic sovereignty, consciousness, business energetics, and expansion tools to collapse timelines toward your goals and truly craft your realm.

  • Secret perks TBA as this round table builds!

This is for Legacy Forgers rewriting the future

The gates are open to you if

You are truly ready to be stripped down to the core of who you are and where your true potential can lead you 

You are ready to own and amplify your highest purpose on the planet 

You enter our realm sovereign, in your power and ready to expand professionally and personally in ways you have never dreamed possible 

You are open to receive multidimensionally, through immersive experiences, mastermind connections and advanced teachings 

You are an implementer and an action taker and you are going to take what we give you and run full force forward towards your success 

You are fully willing to hold the mirror to yourself and see the full truth of where your next level of transformation truly lives and where you may have been slowing your progress 

If you are ready to disrupt current norms in business, wealth, legacy and personal transformation for the highest good of all 

This is a curated and selective space.

Our community is important to us.

Who we are not for:

  • If you  believe there is only “one way” toward self-mastery and conscious creation

  • If you are not willing to walk in the unknown, experience discomfort even chaos to reach your ultimate goals

  • If you seek answers from outside sources or are looking for someone to just “tell you what to do”

  • If you believe sitting back and receiving an activation is “doing the work”

  • If you have been course hopping, mentor shopping, and are stuck in the cycle of doing healing work because you believe there is something “wrong”… – then we are not for you.

We are here to empower you with the tools and activations that will allow you to build your legacy in personal power, deep connection to your source Genius and embodying the highest Truth within you to impact many generations to come.

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The Antechamber

7 spots

Invite Only

If you feel called, apply.

Requirements to join will increase with each spot to ensure maximum impact potential.

About your hosts

Lauren Zavlunov is a Metaphysical Advisor and Energy Catalyst who helps visionary men embody their greatest personal power and collapse time toward legacy goals.

After years of watching visionaries struggle with the fullest expression of their Genius and creating a satisfying legacy crafted on their own energetic blueprints, she founded the Black Diamond Process to help mavericks liberate themselves and architect their destiny in record time.

Her background in the professional arts, energy work, and high-level mentorship, together with her own personal journey outside mainstream transformational methods, led her down the rabbit hole to discover the energetic keys that flip the switch from doubt to power, settling to Sovereign in life and in business.

Tor Seppola, founder of The Legacy Forge, pioneers transformative experiences that meld the primal beauty of nature with the quest for personal enlightenment, and bridges the gap between the physical and the digital. At the heart of his work lies a profound belief in the power of self-discovery, facilitated through the fusion of ancient traditions and modern practices, including the pioneering use of psychedelics.

Through The Legacy Forge and its flagship SAGA program, Tor invites you into an immersive journey beyond the mundane. Community for Tor are not mere gatherings, but catalysts for deep, soulful exploration, where the essence of nature, philosophy, and personal growth converge to spark a liberating flame within.

Tor is dedicated to building ‘Valhalla’ and a network of global sanctuaries focused on personal development, aiming to empower individuals to become ‘Legacy Forgers’ – architects of their destiny, aligned with their intrinsic passions and talents. His philosophy, grounded in the frequencies of love and authenticity, guides you toward a life of profound impact and fulfillment.