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Learn how to play the ultimate Survival RPG; Your Life…

Welcome to the playground

Where experience counts for something

What is this?

Our Legacy Games is a series of Adventures and experiences, all designed to bring game mechanics into real life, but without other technology than the one you, as a limitless human, possess – even if you haven’t learned up until this point in your life.

(that was a long sentence)

It will allow you to become the architect of your life, “playing” your way towards the next level… And the next… Aaand the next.

All leading up to THE Legacy Game, which is a living, dynamic adventure – every day.

This is not for those who are not interested in some everyday alchemy and epicness.

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Since 2020, once per year, starting June 1st…

The Game is On…

The Difference is…

that this year…

You are invited

You will get access to the videos that are filmed by the players, as well as being able to watch any livestreams happening inside. Actual physical players of the game need to be fully voted in, through physical meetups.

You are invited to those as well, meaning next year… You could run for your life along-side us.

Game On for 2024 In








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