The End of The Old
The Beginning of The NEw

For Freedom Expanders

Entering a new chapter in your life adventure?

This Season is for those who have been on a journey and a half. Those who had a thought, and didn’t stop creating until it was done and put into the world.

It is for those who see the quote “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” and nods with a knowing smile.

Those ready to wrap up the chapter and turn the page into a new one, even more expansive than the last.

It is for pure-bred adventurers and Lone Wolves who seek their pack of leaders.

Expansion is not something we take lightly, and we aim to remind the world about it.

What is Ragnarok?

In ancient times and also today to some degree – Ragnarok is the apocalypse. It is The End of The Old & The Beginning of The New.

It’s when the final battle between the gods and the underworld is fought, when the children of Loki, led by Loki, lay the world in ruins.

But it also holds beauty. Because after the darkness, there is light and life once more, and the game begins anew.

This program is that. It’s the massive chapter-change and frequency elevation into a new chapter in Saga in life.

To get into Ragnarok, speak with Tor


      • Lasts through Ember Forge; April – July


      • A few physical gatherings, planned with the members of Ragnarok, first one 4th of June.


      • Access to Networks in FML 2, and, if relevant, FML 3.


      • Online Portal with relevant content, based on your goal and adventure.


      • Experience System to be used in The Legacy Game, based on your input and effort.


      • 2 Group Meetings per month


      • 1:1 Calls with Tor & Team