Tor Seppola

Adventurer by Day, Traveler by Night

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Tor is based in Southern Norway, where he has lived most of his life. He is a visionary leader, founder of The Legacy Forge, and a passionate advocate for transformative experiences. With a deep-rooted belief in the power of self-discovery, Tor has dedicated his life to creating spaces where individuals can embark on profound journeys of personal growth and enlightenment.

Drawing inspiration from nature and ancient practices, he has pioneered his own philosophy, called Ehsalese, blending the wisdom of traditional and ancient wisdom with modern insights. Tor’s commitment to authenticity and transformation is evident in SAGA, The Legacy Forge’s flagship program, and his endeavors in the realm of psychedelic-aided therapy. Beyond his professional pursuits, Tor is a seeker, continuously exploring the vast epicness of human consciousness and the mysteries of the universe.

He loves the mysterious and magical powers of nature and loves to sit and talk by a campfire with like-minded souls. Tor LOVES speaking and often finds himself discussing philosophy and personal development, because he wants people to be free in all areas of life.

His goal is to create “Valhalla” and 9 other alternative health centers around the world, which focus on personal development and teach people to become “Legacy Forgers” – able to create their dream life aligned with their passion and unique value & skills. He believes Love and Authenticity to be among the most important frequencies in life.

Additionally, Tor has a rich personal journey involving overcoming substantial challenges, including $4 million in debt, an inoperable blood clot, family deportation, three years in prison, and a history of criminal activities. Despite these obstacles, he has built a community of 10,000(Jun ’24) people interested in Psilocybe Semilanceata (the magic mushroom).

He also has significant experience in Holistic Development, which include coaching within the realms of personal, professional, and spiritual development.

Tor is also last, but not least, a father. His children and partner are what fuel him to do the impossible as they inspire him every day.

A Brief Introduction


My name is Tor and I am a student of life, who at every moment are looking for epic ingredients to make the experience of life even better.

A father of 2, who has given me deeper insights than most advisors were ever able to offer.

Previously an avid gamer, but when I couldn’t sit around playing games all day, I turned life into one. You can find the beginning of this “game” through SAGA.

After having experienced the raw truth behind many of society’s systems and programs, like Law, Health, Education, Prison, and Foreign State Department among many others, I decided to do something about the clear issues I saw.

You have found your way into what became the beginning of a solution to the problem.

What’s my role in The Legacy Forge?

As the leader of the Legacy Forge, I guide and facilitate the community’s activities and development.

My role involves overseeing the creation and execution of programs that support our members’ growth and well-being. I work closely with other facilitators and members to ensure that our community remains a safe, inclusive, and empowering space.

I am also involved in managing the selective access areas of our community, ensuring that these spaces provide the intended depth and impact safely and effectively.

My job is to maintain the integrity of our community’s vision and to support our members in forging their legacies through personal transformation and collective upliftment.

The Purpose of The Legacy Forge

Nothing is ever fun alone. Not success, not food, not experiences (well, of course, there are exceptions), but during my journey, I wanted to share my findings with people. The more I found, and the more people resonated, the stronger The Legacy Forge became, and it started to develop into something I could never have planned for.

Today, it’s a movement. Within The Legacy Forge dwells our Legacy Forgers, each with their own magic that they bring to the world.

We are like a decentralized hub of creators, all doing their part to make a better tomorrow with the diverse set of skills that is present within Tribe.

It’s pretty amazing.