The Game for 2024 is ON!
published 01/06/2024

Every year, my family has gone into this anxiety-driven reality… Well, some of us. Others have been planning, plotting, and strategizing how to catch their prey.

The month of June has begun.

What do I expect this year?

Some of our players are very “punishment-focused”. That means that all they really care about is to see the loser… Lose. Because then they’ll be faced with a not-so-fun challenge/punishment.

My brother Jan lost most of the years in the beginning, and he was faced with eating fermented herring and Carolina reaper Chili. Didn’t look all too pleasant, to be honest…

Last year… I lost.

So external sources have pitched in for a punishment (my dad!), and here’s what it might be… I will say, however, that before this happens, I demand a unanimous vote from all players for me to accept it!

So what is it? I am to drink laxatives. Yeah, you read that right.

Not only that, I have to drink it, and then wait for 30 minutes – regardless of the effect – before I am allowed to take a dump. (To be honest, I suspect it will be more “explosion” than “dump”…)

BUT! That fate is not yet sealed. We will have a vote, and I will make sure it’s in integrity and agreed by all voters, because then we have an honor system to lean on.

In terms of the actual game, though…

I haven’t had a chance to plan too much this year, but I have a feeling it will be very interesting.

I am like an apex predator, I think… I enjoy the hunt. I won’t simply run up to tag someone just because I am afraid I’d lose in the end.

No, I will make them feel my presence. They will look over their shoulders and know that somewhere, at any time, they might be in danger.

Honestly, I see this as a favor from my end! Without the experience of being focused and aware, they might get into trouble when they’re NOT playing the game, so you know… Public service and all!

I have a plan, and only those who are on my team will get to know what that is!

May the hunt begin…

by Tor
Tor combines ancient wisdom with cutting-edge strategies to guide souls toward freedom, fulfillment, and the forging of legacies.

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