Tuning into Magic: The Legacy Forge’s Epic Journey
published 26/05/2024


Did you know that as your mental health improves and your level of awareness increases, so does what you’re capable of? This journey might seem logical, but did you know that it’s possible to “tune into” something that allows you to speak a different language, like Spanish, and “remember” words you haven’t learned yet? It’s beyond what most people consider possible, but when you see it, experience it, and document it, there’s no denying its reality.

The Beginning

From Isolation to Discovery

Six years ago, I was still sitting in a tiny, moldy, cobwebby shed, where I recorded the first videos for what would become SAGA.

At that time, I aimed to be a travel vlogger, but my ambitions grew. Today, I discuss tuning into different realms and abilities, once believed only possible in books and movies.

Experiencing the Extraordinary

Tuning into Hidden Abilities

With novel experiences, we face a choice: to remember but deny them, or to see where they take us. This journey led me to work in the “shadows” for years, as few people understood my insights. Despite the loneliness, it has been an epic ride filled with tears, laughter, pain, and adventure.

Building the Legacy Forge

A Community of Transformation

Determined to help others see what’s possible, I created communities and systems to transfer these insights. This led to the formation of The Legacy Forge, a community of people who understand and experience transformative effects in their lives.

The Power of Play

Opening Doors to New Realms

As my birthday approaches and our annual Extreme Tag event nears, I celebrate by launching a new chapter: The Legacy Game. This adventure integrates everything we’ve done, aiming to help participants/players realize their power and create a better future for themselves and others.

The Future

Co-Creating a Magical World

To continue building this vision, I seek partners who share our ambition. Together, we can create a new system that bridges the physical and digital realms, merging them into magic. If you’re ready to join such a journey, reach out.

by Tor
Tor combines ancient wisdom with cutting-edge strategies to guide souls toward freedom, fulfillment, and the forging of legacies.

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