Yggdrasil Snus: David vs Goliath
published 29/05/2024

Once in a while, some people get an idea. An urge which leads to a decision that changes their entire life.

This is one of those stories…

Money is an illusion

The founder of Yggdrasil Snus Norway is on a mission that was sparked by the elders, so to say. The nazis forced Lasse’s grandmother and her generation to grow tobacco during World War 2, and with that – became proficient in growing “currency”. Money as we know it today is as volatile as waterdrops on a frying pan, but food and natural products will always be in demand, regardless of the state of the world.

She said: “With these seeds, you will always have a valuable currency anywhere in the world.”

Years later, that was exactly what took place, as the hero of this story, Lasse, created a brand around an innovative and harm-reducing product against all odds.

The Beginning of Yggdrasil Snus

Working on different oilrigs over the span of 10 years, Lasse got to study snus and tobacco products up close. Being on a rig with Swedes and Norwegians meant that if you didn’t use snus, you were the minority. As the interest for these products grew, so did the knowledge.

He learned a lot, but because it was a heavily male-dominated workplace, his insights were mostly regarding men’s taste in the different products.

Suddenly, life came with a wake-up call, which forced Lasse to change his profession.

He found himself working in one of Norway’s biggest closed psychiatric hospitals, which was a predominantly female-dominated work environment.

This provided a perspective that most experts could only dream of. He now knew valuable information about the preferences of both male and female users of these tobacco products, providing him with insights that grew into an idea.

The Gender Balance

Because of his insights, he developed two distinct products, one for each gender and preference; Ragnarok for the men, and Valkyrie for the women.

As Lasse is driven by more than mere profit, he went to work to have his creation quality tested.

Sending gift samples to friends, colleagues, and experts quickly showed him that what he had created was not just another product. People loved it! It was an innovation in the field. The aroma, moisture, taste, hints of different subtle flavors, the non-staining nature of the perfectly sized pouches, the balance in natural ingredients… The list went on.

Influencers were thrilled that the pouches didn’t even leak! Even after 2 hours of use, these pouches kept their moisture.

The people were excited, and the market had a powerful new contender for the title of the best snus available.

Harm Reduction is Key

Lasse kept innovating his product, and in his laboratory, he’d found a special ingredient to top his already unique creation.

As snus generally is quite heavy on the inside of user’s mouths, which can lead to irritation and inflammation, Lasse added a secret ingredient that not only added anti-inflammatory properties to Yggdrasil Snus, it also promoted oral bacterial balance and wellbeing as a whole!

And to top it off, he made sure that these ingredients were completely safe. Even if users are allergic to things as “safe” as Paracetamol, they wouldn’t be affected by the balanced and healthy blend of Yggdrasil Snus.

Lasse had a winner.

The Challenge

Now, seeing that Yggdrasil Snus is already a worthy contender in the market, with experts praising it, influencers loving it, the public waiting for it, and even big companies in the industry wanting to buy it, there is a problem.

A minor inconvenience if you will.

Very often, when people set out to create a dream, some people will get fired up to join and take part in the saga, not knowing that it actually requires a very important thing…


A LOT of work. Like, most people probably have no idea how much work it actually takes to create something from thought.

So starting out, Lasse teamed up with a partner, seeing that it will be easier to pull off with two people, rather than only the efforts of one.

But as many entrepreneurs can confirm, some can only maintain the drive for a short while, while the dream is still hot, which is exactly what happened in this case.

Lasse is a person who will not quit, so he kept going alone, knowing that this will be a massive hit.

6 Years Later

It’s a reality. The logo is on the boxes, the boxes feel great, the branding is on point, and followers are loving it… Everything is seemingly perfect!

Lasse finds himself hosting successful leaders of the industry at his cabin and has a new network of powerful impact.

One day, a major producer of these products approaches him, wanting to buy the label. Lasse is of course beyond himself. The dream came true!

But as they go through the paperwork, and as the deadline approaches, an minor challenge is discovered…

The initial partner; The person who has been silent and gone for almost 6 years – is still on the contract.

Yggdrasil Snus is about to become a Saga of epic proportions, where the story of an Underdog will become known to the market. Where someone stood against the challenge and prevailed.

It is the first time a product of this kind have been introduced with the main purpose being harm reduction and quality, instead of profit-driven commodity.

It cannot and will not stop at the finish line.

Calling for Support

Having created everything alone, and kept going for many years without asking anyone for help, The Legacy Forge for one feels called to do whatever it takes to get this to the world.

Lasse is one of many who fights a battle as a Lone Wolf, and deserves to be recognized as the warrior he is.

The Legacy Forge will add to the pot, and reward all those who supports this cause.

We will

  • provide Legacy Points to the supporters in our Discord server, which can be used to buy products and services in the Forge.
  • give supporters special perks within our Universe, Game, and Server.
  • give supporters discount codes for retreats and events that we host, all over the world.
  • offer free mentorship/coaching sessions within holistic development based on the amount supported.
  • and anything we can, to make sure that this gets to the world.

What you can do

You can directly support the “Spleis”, hosted by Yggdrasil Snus by clicking here.

Additionally, you can share this post, and/or the link to the spleis.

If you know anyone who likes snus, you can share it with them.

You can post it on social media, shout it from the rooftops, and share the message.

It’s the one thing that most people fail to see as incredibly valuable (next to, of course, directly supporting with money).

Any and all support during this Quest will go directly to this cause, so if you can’t support through the Spleis, and maybe want to support with crypto or anything else, reach out to Tor directly, and we’ll manage something.

We do hope that you see the commitment and value of this, and how it will act as a launching pad for soo many more things to come, that will benefit the industry and several communities immensly.

May you have an epic day.

The kind and helpful wizard of The Legacy Forge

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